Northwest Ohio Delivery

We are an authorized propane dealer and supply propane for Home Heating, Grain Drying and Commercial needs. We serve all, or parts of Seneca, Huron, Crawford, Wyandot, Erie, Sandusky, Ottawa and Hancock counties. Let us know how we can help in your area.

Home Heating

Propane is a clean burning and safe fuel for heating and cooking fuel in homes. It's easy to see why more and more customers are switching to the professionals at Beck Suppliers. We offer:

  • No fee to switch
  • Competitive pricing
  • Budget payment plans
  • Pre-buy program
  • Fixed pricing options
  • Efficient service and timely delivery

Commercial Applications

Propane offers exceptional and efficient energy for your commercial or industrial applications. Propane is a versatile form of energy used in heating commercial establishments, as a motor fuel for vehicles, an emergency fuel in disaster areas and where electrical service is intermittent or prone to interruption.

Grain Drying

Propane is an ideal solution for grain dryers. Please contact us or call to make arrangements for fuel delivery in your area.

To see if you may qualify for the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) energy assistance program for your propane purchases, call 1-800-282-0880.

Free To Switch!

It's free to switch your service over to Beck Suppliers. That means no installation fee! If you're interested in leasing a tank, the only other fee we have is a $175.00 lease fee if you don't use the full capacity of your tank in one-year span. If you're a new customer, however, you will be subject to a $59.00 installation fee.

When leasing all of your regulators are included free. Twenty feet of copper lining is also included free, any excess is $2.00 per foot. Any additional timre required for trenching beyond 20' will be billed at $58.00/hr.

Customers who wish to buy their own tanks have that luxury. We sell tanks at varying prices and since the prices change from time to time it would be best for you to contact us to go over the prices before deciding on a purchase.

Consumer Safety Information

Propane is a clean burning fuel that is normally transported and stored as a liquid in specially approved containers. Â Propane is safe when stored and used properly. The National Fire Protection Agency, American Standards Institute, the State of Ohio Fire Marshall, and the Board of Building Standards have all established codes, standards and guidelines for the proper use and installation of propane systems.

Our service representatives can advise you and answer your questions about safety standards, installation of equipment, and use of fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

For more information on choosing energy supplier, and learning about consumer energy saving tips, visit or ask us for a brochure.

Small Cylinder Information

Check with the Friendship Food Store nearest you for gas grill cylinder exchange availability. Propane cylinders of 20lbs. to 100lbs. can also be filled at our Fremont Office.